3rd Official meeting of MITOMED project in Cyprus

The third official MITOMED event, consisting of the 3rd transnational meeting and of the 2nd Steering Committee, took place in Cyprus on 19th-20th March 2015, hosted by ANETEL.

The public session of the first day was held in the village of Skarinou in the Cyprus mountains, within the Environmental Information Centre for the Cyprus mountains.

After the welcome and introduction by Dr. Eudokia Balamou, Project Manager of ANETEL, as input to the technical work, Fillipos Drousiotis, Chairman of Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative, gave a presentation of the Project “Green Beaches”, developed in collaboration with the Cyprus Tourism Organisation and the Travel Foundation (UK Charity). Their programme – based on a survey - to turn beaches into green beaches is based on a comprehensive strategy including stakeholder engagement and monitoring. Then Rodoula Antoniou, Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO), provided a presentation of coastal tourism in Cyprus and an overview of the activities that CTO undertakes to promote Cyprus beaches tourism, and also activities to improve cleanliness, safety and accessibility of the beaches. Finally Anna Kosma, President of the Women’s Association of Rural Larnaca, presented the association and the their activities on promoting Cypriot traditions.

In the framework of project activities, Carolina Marti presented the Mediterranean Sea Basin GAP analysis and GRAND SWOT Analysis, developed by University of Girona. In the Gap Analysis, each of the 34 indicators – selected and tested by data collection by project partners - was analysed in terms of: data issues; adaptation to coastal and maritime areas; comparability and transferability; issues with the goal and definition of the indicators and problems derived from the indicators basis. Moreover for each of them was defined a threshold and on this basis the reference values of the MITOMED regions were evaluated.

Marie Secrétant, NECSTouR, presented the results of MITOMED call that saw the involvement of 4 NECSTouR MED Regions (Emilia Romagna (IT), Andalucia (ES), Alentejo and Algarve (PT)) in drafting their regional SWOT, giving feed-back on the list of indicators,  providing good practices and defining their Wish list for M&C Tourism.

The morning session was closed by partners discussion on the purposes and objectives of the Action Plan and of its structure. Michalis Zanos, ANETEL, stressed that it is important to target the action plan towards the future MED programme. This could include, for example pilot actions – with the support of some identified Good Practices - that could be proposed in the Action Plan as a basis for future projects.

The afternoon session was opened by Sonia Trampetti, CNR-IBIMET, who presented an overview of the literature research carried out on EU programming documents of relevance to M&C tourism opportunities, strengths, weaknesses and threats.

In the framework of the activities carried out by MITOMED partners to test indicators, Kristina Brščić and Danijela Poljuha, from IPTPO, presented the results of the questionnaires delivered in Istria: IPTPO - due to the evident lack of information needed for the list of indicators - conducted a survey with visitors using the dedicated ETIS questionnaires. In total they collected 1402 questionnaires(conducted in 6 language – Croatian, English, German, Italian, Slovenian and Hungarian ) on 121 beaches in Istria County. Then Maria Luisa Mattivi, Tuscany Region, presents the main results of the questionnaires in Tuscany with 3 target groups: Destination Management Organisations (12 coastal municipalities); Enterprises (31 Tourism SMEs of 16 municipalities) and Residents (700).

The first day meeting was closed by a presentation of Tuscany Region members on projects - approved by the MED Programme (in particular within the Integrated Maritime Call), by the Cross-border cooperation programme Italy-France Maritime and ENPI-CBC MED, which have potential synergies in terms of topics, methods, activities and outputs with MITOMED. This database of projects could be used to share knowledge, to capitalise project experiences but also as a starting point for future collaborations.

The second day, at ANETEL premises in Larnaca, was dedicated to the 2nd MITOMED Steering Committee meeting, dealing with project management issues and project activities, including next deliverables and activities and reporting deadlines.

Concerning next project meetings, check out our project web page to be updated on the dates of Focus Groups in partners’ regions. Then we will wait for you at MITOMED Final Conference in Florence on 12th May 2015.

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