CAIMANs Mid Term Meeting

Held in Thessaloniki on the 27th and 28th of November 2014 the CAIMANs’ Mid Term Meeting was hosted by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and recorded the participations of the other CAIMANs partners from Barcelona (CSIC-IDAEA), Marseille (AirPACA), Genoa (University of Genoa) and Venice (ARPAV).
Local representatives of the Region of Central Macedonia - Department of Environment and Spatial Planning Direction- and of the Municipality of Thessaloniki - Department of Environmental Actions - participated to the first day meeting, too. Both the Institutions underlined a strong interest in the CAIMANs developing activities and expressed their willing to get in contact for future cooperation project.

During the two day meetings, CAIMANs partners focused final details for the ongoing pollutant emission estimations, the air dispersion modelling runs and the risk assessment methodology, applied in each of the five harbour cities.

A first comparison among the draft outcomes of the air pollutant emissions by cruise and ro-pax ships in each harbour city was discussed, allowing a better definition of a suitable methodology for the next technical activity focused on the health risk assessment of the population exposed to the plumes emitted by the ships.

For the participative consultations of institutions and agencies in charge of air quality monitoring in port cities and port authorities, the partners agreed a strategy to reach useful contacts and a schedule.

Beside the partnership’s involvement in the COM&CAP events of the MED Maritime Integrated Approach, the meeting was also an occasion to discuss about strategies for strengthening the cooperation for the soon coming MED Programme 2014 -2020 call within the CAIMANs partnership but also opening to other partnerships of the same call with overlapping interest and activities. 

CAIMANs partners at the Mid Term Meeting

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