Challenges for Mediterranean Ports

A strategy needs to be defined in order to increase the competitiveness of the ports in the Mediterranean in comparison to Northern Europe Ports. The focus on economic competitiveness is a strategic value to be developed since for its achievement it will encourage and promote the focus on efficiency and efficacy of the ports.

To obtain this competitiveness the strategy must consider improving communications and connections between Mediterranean Ports with Northern and Central Europe. The integration of the logistic line is also a key asset to increase competitiveness of Mediterranean Ports.   

Moreover, it is important not to forget sustainability in the definition of port strategies, as it constitutes a full component of their competitiveness. At environmental policy level concerning air quality monitoring, the Med Maritime Projects underlined that the concentration of ultrafine particles and nanoparticles is not yet encompassed in European policy. Future actions could therefore involve reduction strategies for other pollutants (like NO2) by including them in Air Quality Standards.

To better assess the actions to gain competitiveness and sustainability, it appears that the evaluation of Port activities needs nonetheless to be better monitored. For instance, by including breakdown analyses by port activities (and not only container activities), harmonizing protocols and data, performing a more thorough control of energy consumption and relative costs, developing R&D as well as the exchange of information to stimulate innovation, supporting high quality and multidisciplinary maritime educational infrastructures, reinforcing networking, links with maritime international clusters, and port-city connections, among other examples.

Maritime Clusters for Blue Growth

To face Mediterranean Ports challenges, the Med Maritime Projects insisted on the enhancement of maritime clusters in order to be the meeting points of discussion to develop an integrated and balanced strategy for growth in the Mediterranean. For the definition of ports competitiveness in terms of strategical logistics and environmental aspects,  governance needs to involve the participation of public and private institutions of maritime economic and scientific subsectors.

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