"Challenges for the Integrated Maritime Policy in the Mediterranean Sea" - Barcelona



VENUE: Museum Marítim de Barcelona - Les Reials Drassanes - BARCELONA

Challenges for the Integrated Maritime Policy for the Mediterranean Sea” is a conference organized by the Government of Catalonia in the framework of the COM&CAP MarInA-Med project (Med Programme 2007-2013) with the aim to present the conclusions and recommendations of the 13 Med Maritime Projects gathered in the COM&CAP MarInA-Med Policy Paper to the main beneficiaries, policy-makers and stakeholders.

Bringing together representatives of EU and Euro-Med Institutions and Assemblies (DGs of the European Commission, Members of the European Parliament, EU Committee of the Regions, etc.), national, local and regional authorities, Mediterranean networks, universities and research centers, the private sector as well as the representatives of transnational cooperation projects, the Final Conference of the Med Maritime Projects shall allow new perspectives, approaches and solutions in terms of sparking engagement in future cooperation initiatives in the Mediterranean to be envisioned. In this sense, experts, politicians, projects representatives, and the audience will interact in the framework of a political discussion and a technical one.

The political opening session will welcome the participants with the intervention of high–level EU representatives and member states representatives. Its aim will be to focus on the governance of the Mediterranean and on the need to establish the Mediterranean basin on its maritime, social and economic approach. 

As for the technical discussion, it will, in a challenging and innovative way, gather the expertise of the Med Maritime Projects representatives and experts, of EU Institutions representatives, and the audience, on issues as the Environmental impacts of Human activities in the Mediterranean, the potential Governance strategies of the area to tackle these challenges, as well as the Perspectives for the further development of Maritime sectors in the basin. Through their results and outputs, the Med Maritime Projects will present the state-of-art of the Mediterranean regarding the above-mentioned elements, hence nourishing the future recommendations exposed in the COM&CAP MarInA-Med Policy Paper for setting up a more efficient and tailored policy and cooperation framework for the Mediterranean area.

The last session will highlight the COM&CAP MarInA-Med project as a unique and innovative action with the aim to be a pilot experience for future communication and capitalization projects. This session will provide comments and assessments on the implementation of this horizontal project, while addressing valuable recommendations to the Med Cooperation Programme for the future implementation of communication and capitalization projects during its upcoming 2014-2020 calls for proposals.



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