COM&CAP MarInA-Med Capitalization Event #1

COM&CAP MarInA-Med Capitalization Event #1: “What Future for Fisheries in the Adriatic-Ionian Basin?”

“What Future for Fisheries in the Adriatic-Ionian Basin?” is the first capitalization event launched by the COM&CAP MArInA-Med project, in collaboration with the Molise Region and the Adrigov project (respectively funded by the Med Programme and the IPA Adriatic CBC Programme). The debates to be held will mainly deal with the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), entered into force on January 1, 2014, which aim is to promote more sustainable and competitive fisheries and aquaculture sectors, while providing concrete answers to the persistence of illegal fishing practices, the increase in marine pollution phenomena as well as overfishing since they represented, and still represent, the main obstacles to the sustainable exploitation of fish stocks in the Adriatic–Ionian basin.

Indeed, the Adriatic-Ionian basin is a maritime zone of strategic importance for the assessment of the "socioeconomic and environmental impacts" of the Common Fisheries Policy, as it comprises a wide range of capture activities as well as small-scale artisanal fisheries, demersal trawling and pelagic fishing at mid-height, and recreational fishing. Furthermore, for most of the States and the Regions bordering the Adriatic-Ionian basin, fishing and aquaculture represent two strategic economic sectors ensuring economic recovery and new jobs at territorial levels.

In such a context, the seminar "What Future for Fisheries in the Adriatic-Ionian Basin?" aims at creating an informal platform bringing together key stakeholders – such as DG MARE and DG ENVIRONMENT from the European Commission, the European Parliament (PECH Committee), Regional and national governments, representatives of the fisheries sector, NGOs, scientists, as well as members of territorial cooperation projects dealing with fishing, aquaculture and environmental issues, and who are in charge of shaping, financing, and implementing fisheries and aquaculture policies across the Adriatic-Ionian basin. This way, the seminar will encourage debates for the evaluation and appreciation of the extent to which the CFP would be able to achieve its goals of sustainability from an economic, social, and environmental point of view for the upcoming programming period (2014-2020).

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