MITOMED European Focus group in Brussels in April

On the 14th of April in Brussels, about 10 Mediterranean Regions will meet in order to discuss- under the coordination of NECSTouR - the outcomes of the first part of the project, gathered into one document called the GAP analysis. Indeed, 5 MED regions from the NECSTour network have participated to the activities of MITOMED by testing the indicators, producing a SWOT analysis of their destination and by sharing their best practices.

Emilia Romagna (Italy), Alentejo and Algarve (Portugal), Baleares Islands and Andalucia (Spain) are the NECSTouR MED regions, who will also debate on the GAP Analysis document. In order to cover a wider geographical area, CPMR (Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions) regions are also involved in the Focus Group. The  feedbacks, views, opinions, suggestions on the GAP analysis of the participation will be used and integrated to develop the MITOMED Action Plan for Maritime and Coastal Tourism in the Mediterranean.

The participants will brainstorm on proposing solutions, actions and ideas to fill the gap between the present situation of Regions and their objectives.

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