INTERACT publishes a study on Cross-Border Cooperation in Maritime Programmes

An interesting publication for the Med Maritime Projects!

INTERACT is an EU programme (funded under ERDF) created to assist territorial cooperation between Regions of the European Union. It promotes cooperation as a tool for growth and change through policy development and strategic orientation, within territorial cooperation and beyond. Moreover, it constitutes a real hub for exchanging information and best practices among cooperation programmes, as they also work to make project results more visible.

The programme recently published a study presenting Cross-Border Cooperation in Maritime Programmes over the 2007-2013 period:

"The study focuses on 14 maritime cross-border programmes in the Mediterranean, Baltic, and North-East Atlantic sea basins: the identified marine/maritime projects - around 200 - have been granted EUR 315,7 million ERDF, i.e. around 25% of the programmes’ funds."

>> More information - and the report - are available on INTERACT's website <<

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