Med on the Move

Med Programme caravan all around the Mediterranean from Valencia to Florence, passing trough Thessaloniki and Ljubljana.

This autumn, the MED Programme will be on the move. Save the date to join one of several MED events in or close to your region from 14th to 24th of October 2014.

The MED Programme 2007-2014 is at its full expansion. A total of 158 MED projects has now been implemented by partners of 13 Mediterranean countries striving for transnational and more integrated solutions. In parallel, the new MED Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 has been developed and is ready to be approved by the European Commission this autumn.
With numerous and manifold results, but also concrete proposals for new project approaches in its suitcases, the Programme will visit the MED areas to exchange in a very close and direct dialogue with its stakeholders and partners. One crucial point on our agenda will be the discussion and elaboration of methods and practices to allow for better coordination, complementarity and mutual benefit between cooperation programmes and the 'mainstreaming' programmes on regional and national level.

Further information on: http://www.programmemed.eu/en/information-center/events/past-med-events/med-on-the-move/about.html

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