MITOMED partners meet to promote sustainable costal tourism

On 15-16 January 2015 the University of Girona hosts a meeting of international participants within the framework of the project MITOMED - Models of Integrated TOurism in the MEDiterranean.

The MITOMED project promotes an integrated model for sustainable management of coastal and maritime tourism across the Mediterranean. In the months prior to the meeting, partners have been working at local level on the first project outputs: identifying and verifying indicators; GAP analysis and SWOT study of their coastal areas; identification of good practices in the field of data collection and of sustainable tourism management. In a participative process including focus groups, events and surveys, partners have involved key stakeholders in the analysis. These range from public administrations at local, provincial, regional and national level; to academics and statistical officers; to private tourist operators and their various representatives.

The Girona meeting, third in the calendar of MITOMED events, marks a key milestone in the project as participants exchange core information on the work done so far. The discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of their maritime and coastal destinations. Expert input and debate will set the project up for its next phase: development of the MED wide Sea Basin GAP Analysis.

For further information about the MITOMED project contact the Lead Partner – Tuscany Region at:

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