MITOMED Public Consultation in Istria (Croatia)

In order to develop institutional, technical and social dialogue with the local tourism stakeholders, Institute of Agriculture and Tourism (IPTPO) has organized its local open public consultation on 13th March 2015 in its premises in  Poreč (Croatia).

The aim of this public consultation was to seek for stakeholder’s feedback on the GAP analysis, which will be used to develop the MITOMED Action Plan for Maritime and Coastal Tourism in the Mediterranean.

In order to achieve that goal, IPTPO partner developed a Database of Regional stakeholders involved in the topic, foreseen to be the members of the FOCUS GROUP. Particular intention was focused on Tourist Boards and Regional authorities, as well as on Tourist Companies.

The open consultation was opened by local project coordinator, Kristina Brščić who welcomed all participants and thanked them for coming and for contributing to development of the MITOMED Action Plan for Maritime Coastal Tourism in the Mediterranean. Short introduction was aimed at explanation of the main points of Open Consultations, as the NECSTouR network initiative, stressing the importance of local stakeholders’ role and contribution to the Debate.  The presentation of MITOMED project and results of visitors survey carried out in Istria in the summer 2014, was followed by the overview and detailed explanation of all indicators chosen in the framework of MITOMED project, as well as the presentation of SWOT and GAP analysis.

Questions were putted during the entire duration of the meeting and the whole event was held in the relaxed and spontaneous atmosphere, which resulted in fruitful, multilateral discussion. All members of the focus group agreed on achieved GAP analysis, stressing some important moments and problems.

They all agreed on the importance and usefulness of the presented results of MITOMED project for the development of Action Plan for Maritime and Coastal Tourism. Moreover, they found this kind of public discussion very useful for establishment of better communication and cooperation of local stakeholders. Therefore, the further communication and additional bilateral and multilateral meetings and consultations with other stakeholders were foreseen for forthcoming period.

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