Next week in Florence, MITOMED Final Conference

With speakers confirmed and registrations rolling it, it is almost time for the Final Conference of the project MITOMED, entitled “Challenges and Perspectives for Coastal and Maritime Tourism in Europe”.

Hosted by Regional Government of Tuscany, Lead Partner of the project, the conference will take place on Tuesday 12th May 2015 at Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence (Italy).

The main aim of the event is to share the findings and results of the MITOMED project and to discuss ideas for governance of M&C tourism and for future initiatives in this field.

The first Round Table will focus on the use of indicators as a tool to increase knowledge on M&C tourism and to promote a knowledge based decision-making system. It will bring in technical expertise and experience of the Universities of Florence, Girona and Bologna and Local Public Authorities using indicator based systems, in particular the regions of Andalusia, Alentejo and Tuscany.

Tourism is a transversal sector, closely connected to the other economic sectors and maritime activities. Thus, in order to define a model of sustainable and competitive tourism and to find solutions to the multiple challenges that this poses, it is necessary to work with an inter-sector, multi-stakeholder approach.

In this framework, the second Round Table will be multi-sector, in terms content and speakers, with participation of economic operators, journalists, technicians and researchers from across the Mediterranean. Starting from the MITOMED Action Plan, it will investigate the potential of M&C tourism as a competitive and sustainable driver of Blue Growth in the Mediterranean, and debate, with input from practical experiences, possible future cooperation initiatives.

For more details on the Conference, see the attached Agenda.

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On the 13th May 2015, in the same venue, the COM&CAP Capitalisation Event “Maritime and Coastal sustainable tourism, a key for the blue growth” will take place.

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