Ports, cities and sustainability

Ports in Port-cities are elements that highly condition city development. The need to consider ports into an integrated vision for the city emerges as ports seem to be fundamental links to promote other economic sectors such as for example tourism. Moreover, Ports could play a full part in the sustainability of the latter.

Ports indeed constitute connections to touristic infrastructures and can influence the attractiveness of tourist facilities. For cruises companies, efficient, attractive and well-connected ports are therefore an additional value to the destination.  

Besides an increased awareness of Port Authorities with regards to the impacts of their activities and of maritime transport on the Environment, the Med Maritime Projects noted that progress is still to be made. On the technical side, maritime transport in the Western Mediterranean indeed exerts high environmental pressures originating mostly from sea transit, cruise ships, port activities of major commercial and passenger ports. In the Adriatic-Ionian region, regional ferry traffic produces a high occurrence of accidents and oils spills, which implies a higher potential specific impact on the environment due to the semi-closed nature of this area. 

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