Common interest on Maritime Issue - Potential Macroregional Strategies and Sea-basin Strategies in the Med

COM&CAP MarInA-Med is ready to present its first preliminary policy recommendations built upon the key results of the 13 maritime projects part of the “Integrated Maritime approach” call (Med 2007-2013) that were presented in the COM&CAP Capitalization seminars. These preliminary recommendations are provided in line with the conclusions obtained at these events and are based on fruitful discussions between projects representatives, multi-level stakeholders and decision-makers.

Orientations are made with the aim to ensure an increased relevance of future EU 2014-2020 cooperation programs – as the Med program – to tackle challenges inherent to the Mediterranean area through an integrated approach, and reinforce cooperation initiatives in order to strengthen the Mediterranean as a dynamic environmental and socio-economic area. On the potential for Macro-Regional and Sea-basin Strategies implementation in the Mediterranean areaThe  Mediterranean Cooperation Days preliminary conclusions aim to present recommendations regarding the improvement of the framework conditions for climate change adaptation in coastal areas and Blue Growth in the Mediterranean basin in order to reinforce cooperation initiatives so as  to build a vision of the Mediterranean shared by all of its shores.

The set up and implementation of Macro-regional and Sea-basin Strategies (global frame)

For an efficient cooperation throughout the basin, it appears on the one hand that all the shores of the Mediterranean should be taken into account in the reflections on the potential governance frameworks to be established in the basin. On the other hand, the capitalization of initiatives such as the Road–Map for Macro-regional and Sea-basin strategies in the Mediterranean and the Report on a Cohesion Policy for the Mediterranean should constitute a starting point to feed the debates on a step-by-step and geometry-variable approach for the implementation of macro-regional and sea-basin strategies in the basin.

The set-up and implementation of Macro-regional and Sea-basin Strategies 

Indeed, stakeholders from all shores of the Mediterranean need a facilitated framework for cooperation to tackle common identified challenges more effectively. The development and implementation of Macro-regional and Sea-basin strategies would therefore be instrumental in easing the processes for further key territorial or decentralized cooperation projects to be carried out.

Main governance of Macro-Regional and Sea Basin Strategies in the Mediterranean 

For this to happen, coordinated actions and dialogue between EU and non-EU countries, European Institutions, local and regional authorities, and private territorial actors are essential for enhancing a multi-stakeholder and bottom-up implementation of such strategies. 

The contents of the Macro-Regional and Sea Basin strategies: the maritime dimension as a core theme 

Besides, as previously done prior to the creation of the European Strategy for the Adriatic-Ionian Region (EUSAIR), the creation of a Western Mediterranean Sea-basin strategy could ease the path towards the implementation of a Western Mediterranean macro-regional strategy. As such, a Western Mediterranean maritime strategy could therefore be the first new emerging strategy contribution to the development of sustainable maritime economies based on the capitalization of previous and current coordination initiatives and cooperation projects in the Mediterranean.

The Future European Territorial projects programmes and funding

Finally, complementarity from one cooperation project to another is paramount as it would help strengthen and optimize the use of public and EU funds the best way possible. Synergies and capitalizations of cooperation programs are therefore central to observe and support an integrated approach to the Mediterranean for the drawing-up of Macro-regional and Sea-basin strategies. Support from actors and institutions such as the European Parliament (e.g. proposal of 3M euro for a preparatory action for a Med Macro-Region to be proposed in 2015) would also constitute a relevant and complementary effort to the set-up and implementation of the strategies.

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