Round Table 3: Synergies between Uses of the Sea

Round-table 3 aimed at pointing out synergies and potential conflicts between the implementation and development of different maritime activities in the Mediterranean. The representatives of the Med Maritime integrated projects NEMO, FishMPAblue, TOURMEDASSETS, MITOMED and CoRINThos presented their preliminary results and observations, along with technical and political recommendations, and ideas of future cooperation projects. The reactions from Luca MARANGONI (DG MARE) and Cinzia di MARZO (DG GROW).

Their preliminary results, addressing Tourism, Fisheries, Synergies between Tourism, Fisheries, and Marine Protected Areas, presented models of governance for the planning and organization of these maritime activities. The projects also focused on maritime and coastal tourism which plays a key role in the economic development of the Mediterranean. The transversality of this sector implies studying tourism from an inter-sectorial approach.

Considering as a basic assumption that tourism competitiveness in the long term is closely linked to the "sustainable" way in which it is developed, the Med Maritime Projects proposed on the one hand, support systems be managed based on an ecosystemic approach. This kind of management would help Local, Regional and National Authorities to better plan their actions to valorise and impulse tourism at local, regional, national and EU levels. On the other hand, the projects pointed out the need for achieving new forms of governance that would allow a real integration among maritimes sectors and activities, through for example the representation of various maritimes sectors and activities by including more multi-stakeholders in decision-making processes and planification of maritime activities (e.g. Public Administrations, authorities in charge of managing Marine Protected Areas, representatives of the tourism private sector etc.).

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