Visit of A Coruna port and 2nd Advisory Group for the MERMAID project

On the beginning of March, the project partnersand members of the Advisory Group of MERMAID gathered in A Coruna for the 2nd Advisory Group Meeting of the project.

The objective of the Advisory Group was to collect the inputs and feedbacks from the experts on the project advancement, on the key elements to take into account to implement an environmental monitoring system in a urban port, and on how to use the data for communication.

One of the first recommendations of the Advisory Group was to include energy and water consumption parameters in the conception of environmental monitoring system. The Advisory Group Meeting also allowed choosing the 3 next port visits of MERMAID: Piraeus, Riga and Helsinki which all monitor their impact in terms of air pollution, waste, noise, dredging and water quality. M. Enrique Losada Rodriguez, President A Coruna Port Authority, closed the meeting and insisted on the importance to make information available to the local community and transparent.

The day before the Advisory Group meeting, a visit of the inner and outer ports have been organized. During the visit, M. Guerra Sierra, Head of the Environmental Department in A Coruna port Authority, presented the environmental involvement of the port, its philosophy and the actions implemented by the port and its stakeholders in order to mitigate the environmental impact of the port. For example, the port has implemented solutions to reduce the volume of paper waste and to reduce the impact of dry bulk transport on air quality. Thus, they have developed a facility known as the “Medusa” for transporting coal through pipe and preventing dust.

Besides, the port of A Coruna has been chosen as a reference as regards its environmental monitoring system which gives real time information on air quality (PM10, CO, NO2, NOX, SO2) as well as meteorological and oceanographic information. The port authority is able to give real time alerts corresponding to three different level of information defining normal or intervention levels.

Moreover, all the information of the monitoring system is available for the public on real-time, on a dedicated website.

For information, the A Coruna Port Authority is also one of the members of the MERMAID Advisory Group.

To have more information and consult the Monitoring system in real time, see:


The "Medusa" in A Coruna port which prevent dust from coal transportation

Advisory Group Meeting in A Coruna

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