COMmunication and CAPitalization of Maritime Integrated Approach in the Mediterranean Area


Built on an operational partnership with a high level of expertise in the maritime field and in direct relationship with a network of Mediterranean policy-makers, COM&CAP MarInA-Med aims to coordinate communication and capitalisation activities for projects selected under the “maritime integrated approach” call for proposals of the MED Programme. COM&CAP MarInA-Med is responsible for collecting, processing and disseminating the key results of the selected projects. It also includes inter-project information exchange and the organisation of events to present and capitalise on project results.


  • Events: Capitalisation seminars and Conferences through 5 capitalisation seminars and 3 conferences, the MED maritime projects had the chance to meet up and debate, measure their ideas and studies with territorial problematic, capitalise and wildly disseminate their results.
  • The videos: MarInA-Med News is the horizontal project’s newscast delivered on its dedicated YouTube channel. Short video clips convey MED Maritime Projects’ core messages, capitalization seminars’ and conferences’ main outputs, providing a broadcasting tool dedicated to relevant maritime issues of the Mediterranean area. A final reportage gives an overview of the MED Maritime projects as the first MED Programme horizontal project experience.
  • Web platform: The web platform had two main objectives: 1/ inform about projects’ identity, activities, results, events, internal synergies, and make known to global maritime network the MED Maritime actions; 2/ coordinate MED partners by giving each project access to the web platform back office, encouraging them to feed their own areas with the latest news.
  • Database : the MED Maritime Social network The general MED Maritime database gathers all maritime actors in Mediterranean in one single network, to make people more connected, more efficient, and policies more integrated.
  • The newsletters concentrate all recent achievements, allowing partners to pursue their objectives in coherence with the general flow of the Maritime call.


  • Digesting 13 projects’ deliverables, seminars findings and projects cross-fertilisation results, COM&CAP MarInA-Med produced a report and its annex, gathering the main political and technical findings and concrete guidelines for the new programming period. Focusing on gaps, future potential partners in new projects and awareness-raising, it addresses targeted political recommendations regarding maritime issues in the Mediterranean.


    Strengthen the Integrated Maritime Approach in the Mediterranean Sea 
  • Rise of blue economy in the Mediterranean Area
  • Integrating blue and green growth to better tackle environment challenges
  • Specific tools and instruments for the sustainable management of the coexistence of maritime activities
    Blue Growth In Key Maritime Sectors
  • Blue Energies
  • Port & Maritime Transport 
  • Tourism 
  • Fisheries
    Address the increasing Environmental Impact
  • Key pressures and trends in the evolution of the Mediterranean maritime environment
  • Mitigation of environmental challenges in the Med
    Multilevel maritime Governance in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Promotion of the Macro-Regional and Sea-Basin Strategy Approach in the Mediterranean
  • Involvement of Local and Regional Authorities and Stakeholders in the maritime policies of the Mediterranean Sea

CORE RECOMMENDATIONS - Med Programme & Cooperations Programmes

    Recommendations for the new Med Cooperation Programme 2014-2020




COM&CAP MarInA-Med Final Policy Paper

COM&CAP MarInA-Med Final Policy Paper

The present Policy Paper presents recommendations gathered throughout the period of implementation of the 13 Med Maritime Projects approved by the last call of proposals of the Med Programme (2007-2013).
"Deep into the maritime approach" & MED Maritime Video Library

"Deep into the maritime approach" & MED Maritime Video Library

Med Maritime video library and a short documentary telling the story of these one-year MED projects on maritime issues. Have a look on it!


Held on the 12th of June in Venice the final CAIMANs event

CAIMANs project presented its final event with an international workshop on "Mitigating air pollution in Mediterranean Port-Cities"

MERMAID Final Meeting and presentation of the final deliverables of the project

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Nice côte d'Azur - Riviera Ports gathered all the partners of MERMAID in Nice for the Final Meeting of the project. During the meeting, the partners presented their final deliverables and exchanged on the possible development of MERMAID.