An overall analysis of growth trends and potential cumulative impacts of human activities at sea has been carried out in the particular context of the 10% marine protected areas target set for the Mediterranean and the good environmental status objective set by the MSFD


3rd Steering Committee meeting

The MedTrends project held its 3rd Steering Committee meeting in Athens, February 12 -13, 2015. Further methodological aspects of the project were discussed, including cross-cutting analyses and preliminary recommendations of the project.

Public Documents

22/01/2016 - Reports on integrated scenarios of maritime economy growth at transnational level in 8 EU Med countries
27/02/2015 - Medtrends factsheet


MedTrends project team

The MedTrends project team will attend the next Marina-Med event "Enhancing Integrated Maritime Policy in the Mediterranean basin" on March 4, 2015 in Brussels.